Consumer Goods

A major and significant part of Golrang Industrial Group’s products comprises consumer goods. Products that final consumers purchase for their personal use.

Detergent and hygiene

Mr. Mohammad Karim Fazli founded Golrang Group by producing detergents and hygiene in a way that “dishwashing liquid” is one of the initial products of this corporation since 1972 when even Pakshoo as the first company of this corporation had not been established yet.

Though in the following years and particularly after the establishment of Golrang Industrial Group in 2003, this corporation has invested in various businesses and has expanded its activities, yet still production and supply of a diverse and comprehensive portfolio of detergent and hygiene products of the highest quality is one of the main concerns of this corporation. Two major industrial groups that are among the sub holdings of Golrang Industrial group operate in this field:

Pakshoo Industrial Group and Padideh Shimi Paydar

These two companies are manufacturers of a wide range of detergent and hygiene products that are supplied to local and international markets and can be divided in 4 major categories: home care, personal care, fabric care, and hair care.

The detergent products of Golrang Industrial Group are as follows:

Home care:

Dishwashing liquid

Glass cleaner

Surface cleaning cream

Toilet cleaner

Kitchen cleaner

Multi-purpose cleaner

Carpet shampoo


Fabric care:

Fabric softener


Laundry liquid

Laundry powder


Hair care:

Baby shampoo

Hair conditioner



Body care:

Body wash

Handwashing liquid


Food industry:

Production, imports and exports of all kinds of food are among the activities of Golrang Industrial Group. In this regard, currently four companies of Golrang Industrial Group are engaged in food industry.

Kourosh Food Industry, Golbarg Baharan, Master Foodeh and Dalin Mehr are subsidiaries of Golrang Industrial Group that produce food products.

Golbarg Baharan factory produces all kinds of food including: edible oil, canned food, tomato paste and canned tuna fish. Famila, Oila and Kimball are Golbarg Baharan’s brands.

Kourosh Food Industry has been established as an associate company of Golbarg Baharan and its mission is to develop and increase the market share of edible oil.

Mater Foodeh company produces chewing gums with different brands, packaging and flavors. The main brand of this company is Biodent.

Dalin Mehr factory is the producer of Bingo cakes.

Food products of Golbarg Baharan:

Canola oil

Vegetable ghee with butter flavor

Vegetable ghee with saffron flavor

Frying oil

Corn oil

Palm free frying oil

Sunflower oil

Olive oil

Sesame oil

Canned tuna

Tomato paste


Masterfoodeh food products

Chewing gum

Dalin Mehr food products


Cellulose industry

Marinasun Cellulose Industries Company is the first manufacturer of cellulosic products in Iran that all production stages are fully automated and without human interference. The brands of this company include Softlan, Barlie, Nancy, Merci, Golrang, Active and Sepita

Marinasun products

Facial tissue

Wet wipe

Baby wipe

Paper towel

Toilet paper

Makeup remover wipe

Nail polish remover pad

Sanitary napkin

Baby diaper

Hygiene-cosmetic products

Arian Chimia Tech (ACT) is the producer of cosmetics with brands consisting of: My, Schon, Calista, Note, Neu Derm and Dado Sens


Cosmetics (face, eye, lip, nail, makeup remover)

Hair Care (shampoo, herbal shampoo, pro vital shampoo, specialized shampoo, hair conditioner, hair mask)


Eye contour sunscreen

Skin care (general, therapeutic and specialized)

Body care (Rolan)

Baby (baby shampoo, baby sunscreen, baby moisturizing cream)

Perfume (déodorant, eau de parfum, eau de cologne)


Electronics industry

Golrang Electronic Industries Company is the first manufacturer of Blu-ray disks in the West Asia and the Middle East. Its factory is capable of producing disks with the capacity of 25 and 50 gigabytes.

This company’s products are available in Blu-ray, DVD 5 and DVD 9 compact discs, containing games, movies and software.

Polymer and plastic

Designing and manufacturing plastic parts, plastic injection molding, freezer bag, rolled garbage bag and plastic films, multi-layer promotional plastic bags and consultation services on the formulation of plastic parts and films are among the activities carried out by Pakan Plastkar Company.


All kinds of injectable plastic and pneumatic parts

Freezer bags, garbage bags and multi-layer promotional bags

Disposable tablecloth


Disposable gloves

Aluminum foil

Household gloves

Plastic food wrap