March 4, 2018

About the Founder

Mr. Mohammad Karim Fazli, the founder of Golrang Industrial Group and the superior entrepreneur of the country, was born in 1932 in Tuyserkan (Hamedan province). He started his economic activities, while he was still a student, along with his father, who was a reputable merchant and a knowledgeable man.

At his early 20’s he moved to different adjacent cities looking for a better life and better understanding of the region. During these trips, he earned valuable experience. In this regard, he moved to Tehran as the capital city and a new environment. Over the first years of his residence in this city, though he was faced with numerous challenges, he managed to overcome all difficulties with his proper endeavor and determination, within 3 years.

His father was engaged in soap manufacturing business for a while and therefore he also became familiar with the production of detergents in his adolescence. Therefore, in order to initiate his production activities, he steps into detergent industry. After thorough investigation, he got linked to the people and companies involved in this field.

About The Founder

He set up a small workshop at first in order to produce dishwashing liquid, he develops and expands this business later on in early 60’s. Bleaching products, stain remover, glass cleaner fabric softener and laundry detergent were added to this portfolio in the following years. By applying new strategies, he offers his products to the market in a more extensive way. This trend continued until the early 1970’s, when he established Pakshoo Manufacturing Company, and he is still continuing dynamically its production activities. By developing the production lines over time, number of staff has been growing relatively in order to realize his entrepreneurial vision. After the Revolution, and during Iran-Iraq war and the hard economic situation, Mr. Fazli started exporting the products in addition to his production activities.

At that time due to the special conditions of the Sacred Defense, downsizing for the majority of companies was inevitable. In order to supply the company’s foreign exchange resources, sustainable production, employment, and particularly avoiding downsizing, he started exporting the products besides manufacturing activities and therefore managed to promote his entrepreneurial activities.

These efforts led into the development of Pakshoo Company, but Mr. Fazli had greater goals that could not be realized with the establishment of a single company. In fact, in addition to producing high quality products and services and also improving the lifestyle of Iranian households, he believes in entering the global markets.

Eventually this idea led into the establishment of “Golrang Industrial Group” with the chairmanship of Mr. Fazli.

During this period a variety of shampoo, handwashing liquid, toothpaste, tissue and in other words almost all hygiene and detergent products with different brands such as Golrang, Avé, Softlan … were offered to the market in a wide range and desirable quality, until today that Golrang Industrial Group is one of the country’s most important manufacturing corporations.

This corporation that owns various companies such as: Pakshoo, Golpakhsh Avval, Golrang Pakhsh, Padideh Shimi Jam, Padideh Shimi Paydar, Golbarg Baharan, Marinasun, Pakhsh Padide Paydar… is considered as one of the most dynamic economic groups emerging from the private sector and through the efforts of the public is now as a leading and exemplary model of entrepreneurship.