Health Care

Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment Group was established in 2010 by Golrang Industrial Group and entered the important and essential field of the health care industry. Relying on its knowledge-based companies, experienced managers and elite workforce and by considering the native culture, this corporation has progressed in the field of production of pharmaceutical products to the extent that not only it can produce pharmaceutical final products from raw material (API), it also exports a significant amount of its products to other countries.

Faran Shimi Co., Arian Salamat Sina, Hasti Arian Darou, Hasti Aria Shimi, Varian Pharmed, and Salamat Pakhsh Hasti Co. are among Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment Group’s subsidiary companies.

Faran Shimi, a subsidiary of Safflower Pharmaceutical Holding, uses the skills and knowledge of local experts to produce a variety of effective pharmaceuticals and ready-to-use drugs, including:

Oxycodone, Noscough, Farantan, Rosuvastatin, Methadone, Buprenorphine, Acetaminophen Codeine, and Opium.

Arian Salamat Sina produces pharmaceutical supplements and supplies the required medicine and drugs of Iran via imports. Androlistica, Osteo Quinone, Powerfit, Ferrodin, Calci Power, Menolistica, and Magniforte are among the products of this company.

Hasti Arian Darou operates in the imports, exports, and production of pharmaceutical products.

Hasti Aria Shimi is responsible for meeting the needs of the country’s pharmaceutical active ingredients at the highest quality level in accordance with international standards as a knowledge-based company. Among opioid drugs of this company are Thebaine, Noscapine, Morphine, Codeine, and Papaverine.

Varian Pharmed operates in production, distribution, exports, and imports of a wide range of drugs, medical and laboratory equipment, and manufacturing pharmaceutical raw materials. Among GnRH Agonist products of this company are Variopeptyl and Leupromer. Pyromol is also an Analgesic product of this pharmaceutical company.

Salamat Pakhsh Hasti is also an agile, secure, and comprehensive manufacturing and distribution channel for imported and locally produced drugs, cellulose products, medical equipment, food supplements, and health and hygiene products.