March 4, 2018

Corporate Identity

Vision Statement

Being among the top 500 corporations worldwide by 2030, relying on:

  • Well-known brands in the world
  • Creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and delivering distinctive products and services with the highest quality and the best price, to become the most admired corporation in Iran
  • Sustainable and dynamic job creation

Mission statement

Offering high quality and valuable products and services to improve the lifestyle of national and international customers and consumers the welfare level of our staff, by relying on a motivated, committed, and ingenious workforce; to the extent that everyone would recognize us by our sustained growth, market leadership, trustworthy brands, a commitment to moral values and social responsibilities.

Core values

  • Result Orientation
  • Dynamic job creation
  • Development of business cooperation
  • Promoting the social status of the organization
  • learning, innovation and continuous improvement
  • Flexibility
  • Staff development and teamwork
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Promoting synergy based on reality with process approach (within the group – partners)

Value statement

We consider ourselves responsible for the welfare of all our compatriots. The aim of the founder of Golrang Industrial Group that is now reflected in the ideology and practice of the staff after years of effort and experience is to produce the best products and offering them to our compatriots and to improve their quality of life. This principle is followed through differentiation, development of businesses, and productive entrepreneurship. We believe that by utilizing our full potential, we can carry out our duties toward our customers by providing international markets with high-quality services and products and contributing to the increase of GDP and GNP. This will indeed result in the improvement of the welfare of our dearest compatriots who truly deserve the best.

We have always tried to provide an appropriate platform for economic and technological growth and development, relying on national capabilities (Iranians residing inside and outside of the country) and localization of technology for the subsidiary companies. By sharing modern knowledge and valuable experiences to create necessary platforms for synergy, balanced growth, and highest efficiency, and in addition to developing direct jobs in order to make a contribution to society and develop sustainable employment. We believe in consumer rights and sustainability, sustainable growth, and development through differentiation, continuous improvement, and entrepreneurship in new businesses. Our colleagues are our main assets and our development depends on their growth. Golrang Industrial Group tries to provide a suitable platform for cooperation among Iranians residing inside and outside of Iran, through recruiting expert, ethical, elite, talented, humanitarian, result-oriented and highly intellectual and executive workforce.