Ofogh Koorosh

Ofogh Koorosh Chain Stores


Some may be surprised to know that our roots go back to Golarng Industrial Group, the largest Iranian laundry and home care product manufacturer since 1972. After our humble beginning in 2009 as a small discount grocer in Tehran, Ofogh Koorosh has opened thousands of stores all over Iran and is expanding its horizons internationally. Our passion is creating a seamless experience, to let our customers shop anywhere in-store, or online and through mobile devices at the comfort of their homes. Ofogh Koorosh is just around the corner with affordable prices, quality items, and friendly staff to serve all Iranians. Today we have grown to more than 2000 stores nationwide and international, and over 15000 team members, who help us create opportunities and bring value to our customers and community. They are truly the key to our success.