Basic Materials

Part of the production of Golrang Industrial Group is dedicated to basic materials, which is presented below:


Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment Co.

Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment Co. not only can produce pharmaceutical final products from raw material (API), it also exports a significant amount of its products to other countries.

Varian Pharmed

Varian Pharmed, one of the subsidiary companies of this corporation, produces pharmaceutical raw materials.

Faran Shimi

Faran Shimi company which produces pharmaceutical active ingredients and Ready-to-use drugs is another subsidiary of this dynamic corporation.



Padideh Shimi Jam

Currently,Padideh Shimi Jam, supplies raw materials for the major detergent manufacturers of Iran, including Darugar, Tolypers, Pakshoo, Goltash, Henkel Pakvash, Etka ….

Padideh Shimi Gharb

Currently, Padideh Shimi Gharb Co. is considered as a leading company in producing detergent raw material in the country, the Middle East and Central Asia, by producing sulfonated and sulfate surfactants and by exporting oleo chemical products.

Pakshoo Chemical-Manufacturing Company

Pakshoo Industrial Group, which consists of five manufacturing factories, was intended to only produce detergent final products, but today it supplies the most possible amount of raw materials required by Pakshoo Company.


Cellulose raw material

Arian Cellulose Sanat’s mission is to produce and supply the required raw material for the cellulose industry of Iran and other countries.