November 7, 2020

GIG’s Social Commitment

GIG’s commitment to, and responsibility for, society, environment, and energy are based on a multifaceted structure. GIG and its diverse subsidiary businesses have always paid meticulous attention to social responsibility in the course of their business development. GIG’s social responsibility entails areas such as caring about health, safety, the environment, consumers’ purchasing power, social harm, employment and dynamism, social benevolence, and financial health. This view applies to all production and service sub-holdings and subsidiaries.
GIG considers itself an organization with high responsibility for its stakeholders and environment. GIG, aware of its commitments to society, the environment, and other social responsibilities, is a far-sighted, philanthropic, environmentalist, family health-promoting, and waste-reducing company.

GIG’s approaches to social responsibility are summarized as follows:

The environment
1. Paying attention to sustainable development and planning measures to reduce and optimize energy consumption.
2. Commitment to environmental preservation through the identification and control of environmental pollutants.
3. Commitment to waste material recycling and reuse in the production cycle provided that it does not endanger the health of people and society.
4. Innovating sustainable production and consumption patterns.

Industry-Academia Connection
5. Bridging the gap between the industry and academic institutions via awarding scholarships and bursaries to the students and researchers with a financial need, including supporting 172 Iranian and non-Iranian students, and five earthquake-affected students, in 2018.

Charitable Activities
6. Paying considerable attention to charitable activities to help flood and earthquake victims. For instance, in the 2017 earthquake in Kermanshah province, GIG not only assisted with the casualties from the early hours, but also conducted a needs assessment, and continued to assist the flood-affected people, in 2018.
7. Commitment to charitable activities and financial support to the poor.
8. Commitment to voluntary support for specific community groups and various social events.
9. Commitment to support the education of underprivileged children by providing them with writing supplies, stationery, and educational necessities.

Economic obligations
10. Commitment to promoting sustainable employment, entrepreneurship, and planning lasting jobs in society.
11. Commitment to design and improvement
mechanisms improving the quality of the nation’s economic distribution system, e.g. omitting or reducing excessive intermediaries in the product supply cycle.
12. Promote sustainable, inclusive economic growth and focus on innovation.
13. Attempting to lower the level of poverty.

Cultural Activities
14. Commitment to increase the quality of education and research in society by establishing a branch of the University of Applied Sciences and Technology.
15.Unwavering support for the arts and culture through the development of a cultural and cinematic complex.

Social Justice and Empowerment
16. Achieving gender equality and empowering all women and men.
17. Creating healthy living and promoting well-being for all partners of all ages.
18. Providing comprehensive and equal quality education and promoting learning opportunities.