March 5, 2018

CEO’s Message

CEO's message

As you all know, after two years of stagnation surrounding all the aspects of the economy, finally in 2015 many of these obstacles were eliminated and this year was a new beginning for the prosperity of the Iranian economy.

With a thorough perception of this transition, Golrang Industrial Group has adopted the right diplomacies to seize the opportunities. The achievements and accomplishments prove that this industrial group is in the right direction toward the realization of its goals.

The acquisition of the appropriate market share from the domestic markets has always been high on the agenda of Golrang Industrial Group. In the year ahead of us, we plan to develop a more scientific approach to achieve this goal with proper planning and targeting. Apparently, these methods enable this industrial group to assess and strengthen its competencies while entering the international markets and to pave this path prosperously and prudently.

We aim to achieve a higher “resilience” in international markets by developing applicable infrastructures, in order to meet our goals in the export field.

As always, productivity is one of our main concerns. Therefore, we intend to expand the basis for human capital productivity, as much as possible in the years to come. In this regard and along with optimizing the application of group bargaining power, “supply chain convergence policy” will be implemented next year.

Human capital has always been of the greatest importance in Golrang Industrial Group, and sustainable and dynamic development of business depends on the growth of this capital in the organization.

Prosperously, Golrang Industrial Group has achieved sustainable growth in all fields and has experienced a % 28 of growth in human capital extent, and currently, more than 45,000 employees are working in this group. Undoubtedly, the current era is the age of Information Technology. Golrang Industrial Group has always been a leading organization in the field of information technology. We hope that by implementing modern information technology, our position in this field will be consolidated in the upcoming years, and we will achieve beyond expectations.

The supreme goal of Golrang Industrial Group is to produce high-quality products for our dear compatriots and people from all around the world so that it can make a tangible and significant impact on the quality of life of our compatriots and also to give more recognition to our beloved Iran to the whole world.

In the end, with the help and blessings from God, and through the dedication and capabilities of our colleagues who effortlessly and without any expectations thrive and dedicate towards the development and prosperity of our beloved country, we hope that we can make a positive impact towards our goals and the prosperity of our homeland.