March 4, 2018

History of Golrang Industrial Group

Mr. Mohammad Karim Fazli established the Pakshoo Chemical-Manufacturing Company in 1972. The initial products of Pakshoo Co. Were manufactured and registered by the “Golrang” brand as detergent, cosmetics, and hygiene products.

Pakshoo has had sustainable growth since then, and today by recruiting skilled, elite, and committed workforce, cutting-edge technical insights and ongoing business development, expansion of production lines and facilities, is considered as a leading and innovative company and is one of the largest detergent manufacturers in Iran.

In 1991, Dr. Mehdi Fazli joined Pakshoo on a full-time basis and started to expand its manufacturing activities. By that time, Pakshoo products consisted of dishwashing liquid, bleach, toilet cleaner, glass cleaner, and fabric softener by the “Golrang” brand. In 1994 engineers and experts started to research new products under the close supervision of Dr. Fazli, and in 1995 the first new products including shampoo and handwashing liquid were added to Golrang’s product portfolio.

In 1999, the “Golpakhsh Avval” company was founded for marketing, selling, and distributing part of Pakshoo products and in 2000, it officially started its activities by distributing detergent products under the brand “Avé”. In the same year, the “Golrang Pakhsh” company was established aiming to distribute the rest of the products, produced generally by the brand “Golrang”.

Currently, these two companies are two major distribution companies in Iran.

“Padideh Shimi Jam Company” joined the detergent raw material industry in 2000, by producing high-quality raw materials. This company is now merged with “Padideh Shimi Jam.”


“Golrang Industrial Group” was established in 2003 under the chairmanship of Mr. Mohammad Karim Fazli. Dr. Mehdi Fazli was appointed as the CEO of this dynamic and innovative corporation. Following the establishment of this corporation, Golrang Industrial Group focused on creating a sustainable future, ethical, professional business, and the improvement of the lifestyle of the customers, based on the guidance and disciplines of the founder. Golrang Industrial Group has set its vision on entering the international markets and being among the top 500 corporations worldwide by 2030.



In 2005, “Padideh Shimi Paydar” was established aiming to produce and offer a diverse portfolio of premium quality products in the field of detergents.

GIG’s first food manufacturing company named “Dalin Mehr” was founded in 2007. This company produces different kinds of cakes under the brand “Bingo”.

In 2007 Pakshoo Chemical-Manufacturing Corporation aiming to produce detergent products including washing powder and raw material required by Pakshoo, became operational in Pakshoo Company which consisted of 5 manufacturing factories.

In 2008, “Pakhsh Padideh Paydar” was established to distribute detergent products of “padideh Shimi Paydar” under the brand “Active”.

In 2009, the production line of SLES of the highest quality was launched in Pakshoo Chemical-Manufacturing Corporation.

Considering the importance of professional knowledge, GIG founded Golrang Applied Science University in order to enhance the skills of employees in different sectors of industry.

In 2009 GIG decided to launch “Ofogh Kourosh” chain stores and since then numerous branches of this chain store have been launched all over the country.

In 2008, the “Middle East Investment Mahd Group” was founded as a holding company.

“Marinasun” cellulose industrial company was established in 2008 and started to produce facial tissues in 2009. Today, in addition to the variety of tissues, the company also produces two kinds of baby diapers under the brands “Merci” and “Barlie”, and a range of other cellulose products. Production and distribution of these products have been started since 2011. Furthermore, “Arian Cellulose Sanat” became operational concurrently with Marinasun, and the purpose of its establishment was to supply raw materials for Marinasun.

“Golbarg Baharan Co.” was founded in 2011 and operated in the food industry and products such as edible oil, canned food, tomato paste, and canned tuna.

In 2011 GIG entered the pharmaceutical industry by founding Golrang Pharmaceutical Corporation which consists of several specialized companies.

“Kourosh Food Industry” company, the producer of edible oil, joined GIG’s food companies in 2013.

Masterfoodeh” company was established in 2013 aiming to produce chewing gums in various brands, packaging, and flavors for the domestic and international markets. Products of this company were introduced to the markets in August 2014. Currently, the most important brand of this company is “Biodent”.

In 2014 Kourosh Complex, which is a cultural and commercial center was founded by Golrang Industrial Group. In addition to its commercial units, this complex has the biggest Cineplex in Iran. The Golrang Investment Fund was established in 2015, licensed by the Securities and Exchange Organization as an investment fund. The Golrang Leasing Company established in 2016 with the purpose of supplying large industries’ equipment.