August 25, 2021

We Have Got to Put Our Portfolio on the Move



We Have Got to Put Our Portfolio on the Move

Accelerating Iran’s transformation to sustainable development settled in our agenda

Taking a fresh look at the electro-mobility concept as well as communication technology, hunting know-how, know-when, know-where, led to making furniture innovative and useful insights. To pursue this issue much more precisely, the Golrang Industrial Group (GIG) has made a lot of effort in the estimation of the potential market, (considering available information of income, the wealth of potential consumers), and consequently reached profound findings in this area. Albeit the accessibility to Iran’s authentic economical and marketing information are extremely arduous, however, our acquaintance with Iran’s market as well as its corresponding managerial and information systems are starkly singular. Discoveries reveal that the potential market, belonging to the electro-mobility concept (including power train technology as well as communication technology), has much more different trend consumption than other countries. Along with this, we carefully think and access the different fragments of the supply chain, covering raw material, manufacturing, finished product, and even charge stations.

As an example, we are inaugurating, supplying, and managing more than 5000 distribution channels, dispersed through Iran, that can trigger the beneficial potential for launching the charge station. What is more, this benefit can contribute to accelerating our product’s selling process as much faster, as a point of selling.

Manufacturing the luxury product with suggested selling price, ranging from 25000$ to 80000$ has been attached to Golrang Industrial Group’s production list. As clarified target price, our purpose performance stands on designing and producing luxury products with mileage range between 500 and 850 km as well as 96 % efficiency in engine power, new designed plus thinking of full-electric platform.

To handle this issue in an efficient way, several levers to increasing efficiency and customer excitement have been developed, addressing system optimization in power train, next level manufacturing, local market focus design, battery ecosystem, electronic architectures, and excellent features.

It is noteworthy that the growth rate of this industry has been anticipated at 24% annually. It is predicted that as of the end of 2025, the e-mobility market size in Iran would outpace 35 b$.

Concerning our production planning for 100000-unit (in 2025), we can make up 5% and 12% in the market volume and market size, respectively. To conduct aforesaid matter more efficiently, our planning is compatible in four streamlines:

  •   Concerning the different components of the product (battery pack and electric motor and powertrain technology), we remain under negotiation with domestic and foreign suppliers with an appropriate background in this area.
  •   Concerning the available infrastructure to establish and run a charge station, we have many distribution channels, distributed throughout the country. Certainly, it can provide us beneficial opportunities to convert and supply charge stations.
  •   Our positive cash flow is enough for the company independent and solvent. This overcomes the shortcoming of investment and financial funding.
  •   Additionally, we enjoy the good collaboration of a knowledge base company. This navigates us to sharpen our skills and expand our knowledge. The four aforementioned issues would be a good driver to convert us as the main pioneer in this field in the Iran market.



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