February 27, 2022

Pinpointing The Markets With the Highest Growth Potential



It is time to make Open Science and top-down effort to gain a foothold in the residential energy storage system market. Equipped with this insight, we can truly think for the lion’s share of the market

In recent years, the lead-acid market size has experienced single-digit growth at best. Against this backdrop, some companies are under immense pressure to find pockets of growth and place smart and intelligent services and products in energy-saving and another emerging market. To put it more simply, we are attempting to take hold of the vertical integration capacity. Our strategy is to have a family of products covering market applications in the energy-saving industry.  We need to have a brand in HOME, equipped with cultivation and development. To cover this issue, the ACADEMIES framework is a useful tool for conceptualizing learning strategy. We think about the power supply, power integration in communication, backup power, solar, smart grid energy storage system, AC-DC charging pile, and large scale on/off-grid energy. We conducted a survey and reached this point that customer by customer analysis of energy storage economic reveals different profitability, even within the same city.

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