July 3, 2018

Golrang Industrial Group’s participation in “Iran Job Fair”

“Iran Job Fair” ended on February 4, 2018, whilst Golrang Industrial Group’s booth appealed distinctively to the audience.

Golrang Industrial Group's participation in Iran Job Fair

Prior to the exhibition, numerous billboards were displayed in different regions of Tehran informing the active presence of Golrang Industrial Group in Iran Job Fair.  On these billboards, the emphasis was on the main concern of our society: Employment. There has also been a social media campaign conducted by The Marketing Heaven with the goal of spreading the word among local community.
On the first day of Iran Job Fair, Golrang Industrial  Group’s booth was attended by Mr. Mohammad Reza Sepehri, the deputy minister of Cooperatives, Labor, and Social Welfare and the head of the Institute of Labor and Social Security.

Jobseekers asked the staff of Golrang Industrial Group’s booth questions regarding the company’s job positions and our colleagues in the booth encountered a great deal of interest, attention and attentiveness.

Those who did not have the opportunity to attend the exhibition followed the events of this company in Iran Job Fair, via its Instagram account, including a training session on “serious managerial games” instructed by Dr. Saeed Khakrah, which was among the special programs of Golrang Industrial Group’s booth.

During the exhibition, in order to reflect the concerns of the jobseekers, a platform was considered in Golrang Industrial Group’s booth entitled “The Tribune” to let the jobseekers raise their concerns in the field of employment and publish them in their Instagram accounts with the hashtag #I_create_the_future. Selected comments were also published through the Instagram account of Golrang Industrial Group.

The jobseekers learned the techniques of a successful interview on the last day Iran Job Fair, in a workshop named “Win the Oscar” led by Mr. Amir Taheri. This workshop received a huge feedback and its recorded video was provided for the enthusiastic audience.

An introduction to the history of Golrang Industrial Group and displaying related digital ads for the visitors were other activities of Golrang Industrial Group in Iran Job Fair. During the exhibition Golrang Industrial Group appealed to the media, due to its entrepreneurial importance, its presence was reflected in various social media channels including, Job Vision, Job Fair, ISNA and ILNA news agencies, Fasleqtesad and saat24 news websites and Shargh newspaper.




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