June 21, 2018

Golrang Industrial Group’s New Year ceremony

Golrang Industrial Group’s New Year ceremony

Golrang Industrial Group’s New Year ceremony was held in Milad Tower Conference hall with the attendance of Dr. Fazli, senior executives and the staff of Golrang Industrial Group.


Golrang Industrial Group


Dr. Fazli stated at the conference, which was held on April 5, 2018 congratulating the new Persian year and appreciating the efforts of the elite and diligent colleagues of this corporation: I am very delighted to have to the opportunity in the early days of the new year to appreciate and thank you for all the efforts  that you made in the past year. I hope you enjoyed the holidays and will always be happy with your dear families.

Dr. Fazli stated in a discussion of employment: in 2012, 3520 employees were working in this corporation, this figure reached 5322 in 2013, and in 2014 we had 7446 colleagues. At the end of the same year, the number staff of Ofogh Kourosh reached 199 and its total number reached 7645. This number was 8934 in 2015, plus 757 colleagues in Ofogh Kourosh, totaling 9691. In 2016, the number of employees reaches 9970, along with the 1677 colleagues in Ofogh Kourosh, mounting up to 11647 in total. Likewise, we had 14842 colleagues at the beginning of last year and by the beginning of the current year, we had a total of 17,716 colleagues.

CEO of Golrang Industrial Group discussed the sales facts and figures and noted: in 2017, the sales volume of products distributed by distribution companies grew by 30% compared to the preceding year. We had about 150% growth in the sales of group products in Ofogh Kourosh and therefore we witnessed a total of 40% growth rate. Meanwhile, there has been a freat deal of interaction between manufacturing companies and Ofogh Kourosh that is fully appreciated.

Dr. Fazli added:” we have specified benchmarking measures to evaluate companies thoroughly. Based on these indicators, including sales, profitability, market share and growth, five companies have achieved the highest rank: Ofogh Kourosh, Kourosh Food Industry, Pakshoo, Golrang Pakhsh and Faran Shimi.”

CEO of Golrang Industrial Group continued:” in the current year, besides sales, profit and market share index, there is another crucial indicator, which is organizational maturity. Maturity meaning that maintaining a number, whether it is sale or profit is very valuable when the company reaches maturity, and we consider a coefficient for that. In the meantime, each dollar of both sales and profits spent on exports will be multiplied by 5, because exports are of great importance to us and we hope that in 2018, despite all the problems and difficulties, we will perform solidly in the field of exports.

Dr. Fazli discussed efficiency and expressed:” we must be efficient in every aspect, but in the field of human resources, we need to have a more sophisticated point of view and act more specifically. We must even outperform Europeans and Americans, because they had always been and operated in the field and gained their intended market share and it is not easy to take it away from them. To stay ahead of them, we need to focus on HR, efficiency and corporate governance. Regarding corporate governance, strategic management is very important and IT must support the corporate governance on a full scale.

In the end, Dr. Fazli thanked all the colleagues in Golrang Industrial Group and their families and said: “Now, like all the past years, we would like to appreciate the full support and the compassion of your respected families and the impressive impacts they have had on the valuable results that we are witnessing today. “

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