June 7, 2021

GIG Online New year Ceremony of 1400

مراسم آنلاین ابتدای سال کاری 1400 گروه صنعتی گلرنگ برگزار شد

The GIG online New year ceremony of 1400 working year was held on Monday evening, April 13, with the virtual presence of the senior managers of the Group across Iran and with an oration presented by Dr. Mehdi Fazli, Chairman and CEO of GIG.

In this ceremony, Dr. Fazli congratulated all his colleagues on the New Year and, referring to 2020 (1399) events, he mentioned two bitter incidents; one was the coronavirus pandemic, which continues to threaten the lives of our compatriots, and the other, the ascension of Ostad Fazli the indefatigable entrepreneur, producer, and philanthropist to his heavenly home at the age of 88.

Dr. Fazli continued by considering the pandemic, he mentioned; it is appropriate to appreciate sincerely the health heroes of the country whose fight with the virus made a significant reduction in the pandemic threat.

“our vision,” he continued, “is to be among the top 500 companies of the world, and reaching at least 100,000 employees though we are certain that we will exceed 100,000 employees by the time we become one of the top 500 companies. Dr. Fazli also stated that meritocracy, using up-to-date knowledge, use of integrated information systems, and morality are the key conditions for being among the top 500 corporations of the world by 2025, thus combining these four valuable factors.

Dr. Fazli continued to state that “self-esteem is the key to progress. We should strongly develop our self-esteem through rigorous learning what we need so that we can compete globally with well-experienced international companies.

Following the speech, GIG CEO elaborated on the integrated information systems and stated that “the next issue is the utilization of the integrated information system in GIG both nationally or internationally.” Thank God, nowadays we are successful in this field, and can use it perfectly.

“All capabilities must be based on morality”, said the CEO of Golrang Industrial Group. Dr. Fazli also clarified that by “relying on ethical human capital, not only can we narrow our distance from our international competitors, but also we may outshine them.” When we say we are a big family, we shall all believe in it, and we, in light of this belief, are going to make every effort at the growth, promotion, and welfare of this family.

Mentioning the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Fazli also asserted that “we must not let our affected colleagues feel stranded, either materially or spiritually.

Dr. Fazli continued: “The growth of Golrang Industrial Group has been on an increasing trend over the past years, especially since 2015, and with this growth trend, we anticipate that with the help of all our co-workers, we will finally be a “top-500-international-company by 2028”.

Regarding the matter of employment, The CEO of Golrang Industrial Group stated that “By the end of 2020, the number of our colleagues was 39,844.” Referring to the presence of GIG in the stock exchange, Dr. Fazli said: “We have listed three companies in the stock exchange during the last 7 years, and we may have 5 more in the coming year.

In the end, Dr. Fazli thanked the dear families of his colleagues and said: I would like to sincerely thank all the dear families who have always supported the efforts and diligence of their colleagues and whose positive energy has made them more productive.

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