May 16, 2018

The statue, the plaque and the insignia of AMINOLZARB was conferred upon Dr.Fazli (CEO of Golrang Industrial Group) through a ceremony in Vahdat Hall.

The second convention for presenting the statue and insignia of Aminolzarb, Founder of Chamber of Commerce in Iran, was held on Monday Jan.8, 2018, in Vahdat Hall and was attended by Dr. Zarif (Minster of Foreign Affairs), Dr. Shariatmadari (Minister of Industry, Mine & Commerce), Mr. Hojati (Minister of Agriculture), Dr. Masjaedjameiee (Previous Minister of culture and member of Tehran city Islamic council), and some of the country’s commercial & economic activists.

The statue of Aminolzarb was awarded to three entrepreneurs during this ceremony: Dr. Zarif (Minister of foreign affairs), Dr. Fazli (CEO of the Golrang Industrial Group) and Mr. Paydari (CEO of Mihan Co.).

Dr. Fazli (CEO of the Golrang Industrial Group) received this honor for a company currency employing 17000 personnel. On 2008, the number was less than 2000.

The second convention for presenting the statue and insignia of Aminolzarb to the entrepreneurs of private sector was held to strengthen the spirit of hope and entrepreneurship in the young generation through recognition of the successful and experienced names in the market.

Haj Hassan AMINOLZARB, founder of “Council of tradesmen attorneys (Majles Vokalai-e- Tojar)” or the main basis of Iran’s “Chamber of Commerce”. He and his children were amongst the first generation of modern economic activists who were interested in development of the economy of Iran. They made numerous contributions which strengthened the basis of economic entity in Iran. He was from the first ones who started trade with the Europeans, was ended up being very successful and initiated the trade of antiques with abroad.  By the order of the King (Naserssin Shah), he managed the affairs for coin mintage after Doostali Nezamoldoleh; however later on was dismissed due to the jealousy of others and suspicion of the king.