Maya Zist Farayand


Maya Zist Farayand Company began its activity in the field of bio-based products in 2012. The company is located at the Center for the Growth of the National Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. The company has been able to produce a very rich microbial bank with more than 100 patented and widely used biotechnology strains with the help of highly qualified and experienced human resources (more than 90% of them are MS graduates in various fields of biotechnology). The company is equipped with a Class D Cleanroom, Quality Control Laboratory, and a Class 2 Lab (Biosafety class II), and receiving a research license and establishment license from the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and a knowledge-based license from the Technology Vice President and using the creativity and diligence of its personnel, in addition to researching and developing bioproducts,  it works in line with the company’s goals in the production of various probiotic products. Maya Zist Company also received the “Principal Approval of Animal Probiotics Production” in 2018 from National Veterinary Organization.



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