Golrang brand was registered in 1971 to serve the Iranians through the production of detergent, cosmetic and hygienic products and “Golrang Chemical-Production Institute” was established concurrently. Because of the efforts of Mr. Mohammad Karim Fazli and a group of Iranian experts, the company was developed and changed into Pakshoo and entered the market aiming to provide Iranian households with high quality products. In the absence of domestic brands in detergent and hygiene industry, Golrang was marketed aiming to create a national brand with national identity. The range of products produced under the brand “Golrang” included a variety of dish washing liquids, bleach, laundry powder named “Golrang Super”, toilet cleaner and glass cleaner, but gradually along with the brand development, shampoo, hair conditioner, baby shampoo and shower gel were also added to the detergent and hygienic product portfolio of Golrang.

The first standard baby shampoo in Iran was initially introduced by Golrang and during these years through offering various products to the market and obtaining various certificates and standards, not only is considered  as one of the best detergent brands in Iran, but also by planning to provide customer satisfaction and humanitarian aid in the form of joint projects with Mahak Charity (society to support children suffering from cancer) and UNICEF, has gained a national position in the society.

Golrang defines the quality of products as equivalent to consumer satisfaction, and considers it as its key to success.

The proof or this is the approval of consumers using Golrang products and the fact that Golrang is the leader of various category markets including glass cleaner, bleach, toilet cleaner, baby shampoo, carpet cleaner, handwashing liquid …