Sepehr Plastic Padideh


Sepehr Plastic Padideh Company was established in 2011. After consistent efforts and inclusive development and using the latest innovation of the world, It managed to become one of the most successful and reputable producers in the plastic industry. The company has been able to meet the dynamic needs of today’s domestic and foreign market in the field of designing a variety of injection and pneumatic molds and producing preform, bottle, and caps for cosmetic products, paint and resin, pharmaceutical, food, dairy and…

Sepehr Plastic Padideh factory in Eshtehard Industrial Town, with its geographical location, convenient communication, and transportation routes, with the support of advanced technical equipment and tools, has always enabled the company to expand its range of unsurpassed products and gain a strong position among its main competitors in the domestic and foreign markets.

The main goals of this company include producing a wide range of high-quality products, in accordance with the demands and satisfaction of the customers with unique design and using environmentally friendly materials.




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