Hasti Electric Tara (HET), the owner of Clever, was established in 2017 to import and supply various types of LED light bulbs and lighting equipment. Arian Tejarat Shargh (ATS), a subsidiary of Golrang Industrial Group (GIG), with more than 18 years of experience in electronics and lighting products supply, is the main investor of HET. To respond to the demand to produce the LED bulbs domestically, and to create jobs for talented job seekers, the company started manufacturing products in Iran in 2018 by establishing a factory with advanced production lines. By employing top Iranian experts and engineers and using high-tech machinery, the company managed to obtain a significant market share in a short period. In so doing, using electronic parts and LED chips from top players of the industry like SAMSUNG also plays an important role. Current products range from various types of LED bulbs, to down-light LEDs and IOT-compatible products.