Sulfurcube Pars Industrial Development Co.

Sulfurcube Pars Industrial Development Co.


Sulfurcube Pars Industrial Development Co. (SPIDCO) is one of the companies of Middle East Investment Mahd Group, a sub-holding of Golrang Industrial Group and consists of several active companies in the fields of production of petroleum derivatives, oil, gas and petrochemical trading and mining.

SPIDCO is a knowledge-based company operating in the field of manufacturing sulfur production and its degassing system.  SPIDCO has developed technical and engineering systems with a standard approach through recruiting specialized experts in oil, gas and petrochemical field.

Based on its extensive scientific researches, the company has succeeded to obtain national and international patents on the production of sulfur and reducing environmental pollution. This company is growing continuously based on its sustainable development and use of technical knowledge and improvement of production lines.