Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas is one of the industries that Golrang Industrial Group has been operating in many of its subsectors, with a focus on innovation, advanced technologies and future studies.

Middle East Investment Mahd Group (MIM), as a holding corporate, operates in a variety of subsectors in Energy industry such as mining and oil.

This Holding consists of several subsidiary companies like Sulfurcube Pars Industrial Development, Middle East Oil and Gas Horizon International (MOHICO), Middle east Oil and gas Product International (MOPICO), Middle east Consulting Engineers Horizon and Arian Tejarat Mana.

Energy Industry

Producing sulfur products from sour gas is one of the goals of Sulfurcube Pars Industrial Development Company. MOHICO (Middle East Oil and Gas Horizon International) operates in the field of oil and gas, exports, imports and equipment.

The main activity of Middle Eastern Mining Development Horizon Co. (MEMDH) is to invest and work in the mine section and the mining industry of the country. Middle east Oil and gas Product International (MOPICO) is established aiming to operate in the refinery sector. Middle East Consulting Engineers Horizon, which is a subsidiary company of Middle East Investment Mahd Group, provides consulting services in the field of engineering and is willing to cooperate with all the mining sector’s contributors in the field of exploration and investment.

Arian Tejarat Mana Company has also been successful in obtaining innovative technology in sweetening gas condensate through exploiting the valuable experiences of industry and university experts.